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There 's been a while since the ' one - Dayer ' said Bill had'nt me anything that day, but Jill had hit a few times and told her how well she had left him, and say that a really bad one day it does not rain every Sunday. any case, to arrive at work one night Jill came to me and kissed me deeply before whispering in my ear, ' Paul's letters has been this wekend and I invited Bill 's house for dinner on the night of Saturday. ' Then he fell on his knees and suck my dick was and told me straw all the time about how much he looks forward to working with Bill again itwasn't huge dick long before I poured my juices around the kneck and cheeks. The next days passed quickly on Saturday Jill fussed around freudbox the house and helped me prepare food for the night, about 4 to December 00 Jill went into the bathroom to get ready. Bill was about 5 to 30 pm and payable at 05. 15, entered the living room for me, looke wooooowd breath, hair and makeup flawless ( as always), a tie with a long dress and black silk evening that had belts and cut and cut to one side under the arms teasing images only show in the flesh, almost to is so that I could see the bra straps clips on the thighs and had black stockings and high heels complete the ensemble. I took her in my arms and said he looked great freudbox and I hit the showers. on my way down the stairs, I heard and saw Bill actually came and sat opposite each other and has already started in the wine. Jill went into the freudbox kitchen and invites us to take our seats, exceptional food was watered every three courses with wine and good conversation. While Jill gave me a coffee, I ran my hand over the buttocks and thighs feel the warmth of your body through the silk. Jill Bill smiled and filled his glass as he passed her hands over her buttocks andthen on the bare skin of her back, Jill shivered a little, but made no effort to move, Bill freudbox pulled her gently down on his lap and slid both hands under the silk, was cupping her breasts beautiful view 34b I, his fingers caressing her nipples, she moaned Jill left the coffee and put his head on his shoulders, which allowed him access to kiss his kneck. I left the table, the light turned down and slipped into the bathroom. On my return I had freudbox in each other arms dance slowly closed a slow melody soft, riding in a deep kiss slowly and sensously hands to each other about their bodies, fingers bills slowly undid the straps of her dress Jill and sealed at the top slipped to suspend their beautiful breasts, behind Bill Jill was swaying to the music he lifted her breasts and stroked his thumb over her nipples erect, as he was with them was for me, so I got up and slowly first and then the other nipple, rolling my tongue around BFMineral kissing and licking her breasts all over his body. Jill moaned softly as two pairs of hands went to her skin smooth and Bill, and gradually relaxed, the silk over her hips, before falling gracefully glided around their ankles. No panties on one foot in stockings, garters and high heels, saw a picture and Bill and I were quick to say it. Jill pushed me into a chair and turned to Bill to kiss and quickly peel again, this magnificent cock was in sight, about 8 'long and thick veins, Jill was on her knees and freudbox this turn once bill groaned as she licked and licked him, freudbox before his final big purple button on the lips and sucked freudbox as much of it as he could into his mouth. I leaned forward and I licked his finger and ran it between my freudbox legs, my God, my finger slipped just inside her was so wet, she opened her legs a little allowing me better access and I have a good steady rhythm of the palpating fingersg deep in her when she eats more cock. Jill turned and lay on the carpet and caressed each side of it, said ' being there for me and bring me out. ' Bill and I on either side of her and started caressing and kissing licking and fingering of this beautiful woman, mature, who was among us, even when he had practiced many times before that our hands are almost in freudbox contact since we left barely an inch of his flesh intact. 'A clitoris please,' Jill sighed, I told Bill, ' after' it is with the fingers, which was deepened by his shock of hair and moist lips are puffed in search of her swollen clit mature and ready to be Bill finger and quickly patted alternately shit a few times fast fingers deep, Jill was a lover of hip off the ground and pick up the pace all the time that caressed and kissed her breasts and kneck. 'Now,' 'Now,' Jill said his hamstring tightened abdominal muscles tight, his head came and went, and she was there called, and complained loudly as her orgasm shuddered through her Bill Finger had done its job, and now they entered it, and knew that her vaginal muscles around them are shrinking, the sounds of her pussy amazing how wet fingers off and hit Bill, before retiring and go for the clitoris again complained again, Jill, and screamed as another orgasm, her body shook, my turn now, and freudbox my project bill replaces the fingers, wet, her thighs were wet and sticky as my fingers found their target and then went to the top again, 'Fuck me', 'fuck me', 'Please fuck me someone ' , said Jill. Before I could say what Bill has asked me to go first: 'I never had seconds before wet', so I'm freudbox between the thighs of Jill and slid my hard dick inside her, she had a moan I was naked when they entered a push, her vaginal muscles immediately clings to me. ' ' Fuck me ', ' fuck me ',' hard and fast, ' he said. So I have is that b PistonAlls drew deeply and immediately hit me hard and together our deepest of your pubic bone, when I went with her, she pressed her hips so freudbox aggressive it was hard for me, ' I go,' I exclaimed, 'then come to me full of his seed, ' she said, and I'll shoot streams and rivers of hot juice on her pussy wet open, the muscles of their attachment to me and drain every last drop of juice freudbox from me, Jill shook her head from side to side and she has orgasms as I had finished. I fell into it, and put up the sweat in streams of the two are fighting for our breath, 'Fucking Hell,' said Bill, have two to enjoy? No doubt we have. And now it's your turn, I say! (Continued)
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